Angela J Parry


I was diagnosed as suffering from Sleep Apnoea over 4 years ago and the effect of using a CPAP machine has been amazing and I feel so much more refreshed when I wake in the morning.

As there was no NHS treatment available to me at the time, I undertook the necessary tests privately and subsequently purchased my CPAP machine. It was during this period that I saw a notice advertising the Welsh Sleep Apnoea Society and I immediately contacted Janice Morgan , the then Chairman and Membership Secretary. Without her and the late Roger Paterson’s help and advice, I would have been ‘lost’. The Society gave me the lifeline I needed at that time.

It was a privilege(I think) to be appointed as Secretary to the Society at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14 November 2009 and the very thought of taking over from Roger, is a very daunting thought! If I am able to perform half as efficiently as Roger, believe me I will have achieved a great deal.

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