The Staff

Dr Melissa Hack

Dr Melissa HackDr Melissa Hack is Honorary President of the Welsh Sleep Apnoea Support Group and lead Consultant for Sleep services in Gwent. She spent over two years tranining in Sleep and Breathing Disorders, including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, at Oxford with Professor Stradling. She sits on the British Sleep Society committee, the UK Sleep Education Group and British Thoracic Society External Relations Committee and has recently been involved setting up a Parliamentary working party to look at sleep services provision across the United Kingdom. She is following research into sleep disorders and the association of cardiovascular disease and cognitive changes, sleep apnoea and nocturia, sleep disorders in the transportation industry, and the value of MRI scanning to guide treatment for patients with Sleep Apnoea. She is regularly asked to lecture nationally and chair sessions at national and international sleep conferences.

Sister Jeanette Richards

Sister Jeanette RichardsSister Jeanette Richards is an honorary committee member of the Welsh Sleep Apnoea Support Group and is the first full time sister for sleep disorders in Wales. She was born in Newport and completed her nurse training at The Royal Gwent. Since qualifying she worked at The Royal Gwent and St Woolos Hospital on the Medical Unit and High Dependency Unit. She was appointed to the post of Clinical Nurse Specialist for Sleep Disorders in 2000 when the Gwent Sleep service started and has developed the service including lecturing and education to all health professionals. She is involved in the research programmes and is currently conducting a study looking at Sleep Disorders and Diabetes. Jeanette Richards obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Practice in 2006.