The Welsh Sleep Group

The Welsh Sleep Apnoea Society is run by patients for patients. The society is affiliated to the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association and members of our society are members of SATA. The society is not affiliated to any other organisation.

The aim of the society is to “Promote the understanding of breathing and sleep disorders”

In order to achieve this the society will:

  • Liaise with Medical profession in order to raise awareness.
  • Provide help and support through telephone help lines to past, existing and new patients of the Sleep Centre.
  • Maintain contact with all aspects of the media, thus maintaining awareness of the disorder.
  • Provide a web site and e-mail address for interested parties to use.
  • Hold meetings of patients in order to provide mutual support.
  • Raise funds for the group.
  • Inform all patients of the Group’s aims, activities and plans.

The group have regular meetings and have a committee that shares ideas on how to promote the awareness of sleep apnoea. We have a membership scheme and in order to join send a cheque for £10 payable to ‘Welsh SAS’ to the membership secretary. The membership fee will entitle you to receive regular newsletters informing you of forthcoming events from the group, and you will also be invited to join us at all of the meetings. Membership of our group also gives membership of SATA. Newly diagnosed patients receive free membership until June of the year of their membership application.

If you require further information on how to join, then please contact Angela Parry MBE, or 029 2025 2933, we will do our best to help.

The Sleep Centre is based at the Royal Gwent Hospital, and below are some pictures of what it looks like, the bed you will be sleeping in, and what will be taking your different measurements that will determine if you have sleep apneoa.