2019 AGM agenda finalised

A jam-packed programme has been arranged for our 2019 AGM. We think there is something of interest for all so why not come along and support the organization.

The Agenda details are given below, (times approximate)
10.30 Meet with refreshments
11.00 AGM – Reports from Committee Officers
11.30 Refreshments and viewing of stands.
11.45 Presentations to include (i) ResMed “New Innovations”
(ii) Chris Pryce-Hughes “My Story from Diagnosis to Treatment”
(iii) Iain Spray (Passion for Life Healthcare) “Snoreeze Oral Device”
(iv) Chris Rogers, Managing Secretary (SATA) of the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association
(v) Question and Answer Open Session


The Meeting is expected to conclude by 1:00pm and I urge you all to attend and support your Officers.

2019 AGM Planning

We are currently planning our 2019 AGM

If you have a subject matter that you wish raised or discussed please let us know. We welcome all input.

Current provisional themes are as follows:

Interpretation of sleep study results. (What do all those squiggles mean?)

The role of the Sleep ~Consultant

Updates of the legislators (DVLA) (Chris Rogers SATA)

Equipment presentation and development ( Phillips Respironics)

Questions and answers

Practical problem-solving.

Meet your fellow sufferers and enjoy a relaxed and fun-filled gathering