St Woolos Drop-in

Are you aware that the St Woolos Sleep Clinic has available a “Drop in Service” for the collection of spares etc. without having to make an appointment. This service allows a replacement on a like for like basis only on mask spares.
Note:- it is not for CPAP machine issues, equipment exchange or medical issues related to your therapy. An appointment or discussion with the sleep nurse will be required under such circumstances.

Time available Monday and Thursday (excepting Bank Holidays) 0800-1200hrs

3 responses to “St Woolos Drop-in

  1. I collected a battery pack on the 20th of June. For 6 and a but weeks. I’m in Africa in the middle of the bush doing research. The battery I used the year before lasted 2-3 nights depending on the length of sleep. This year the battery isn’t lasting the full night! Last night it didn’t work at all even after a full charge. I can’t go out every day for the research as I am just too tired and am a safety issue with the animals. Was the battery checked before issuing? This opportunity cost me a lot of money, and I am letting my team down. Is there any other options I have to hook up an alternative battery? If so what and how can I do this. I think that it is appalling that your medical equipment is sub par and that it has caused me to waste £5000 and possibly cost me my dissertation.
    I have no internet here only using data. So this again is costing me money I don’t have. Please get back to me with a way to solve this issue. I need to get this sorted ASAP

  2. I’ve been using a CPAP for about 10 years now but recently I have been waking up with a severely blocked nose and struggling for breath. I am wondering if a mask that covers both my mouth and nose might help or I believe there are masks that use a water reservoir to moisturise the air as you sleep. Also, although I retired in 2016 I have now returned to part-time safety critical job, should my sleep clinic appointments now be more regular than two yearly?

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